Where is Shyamni?

I was born in June and by God I’m a true blue through and through Gemini. My parents also in true Indian fashion gave me two names and I am equally known by both names to different groups. In a true Gemini fashion, my personalities also reflect my two given names and as the laws would have it – both of my names and personalities are true opposite of each other and only few elite group of people so far have had the opportunity to know both sides of me. (I must at this stage point out that I do not have MPD)

Professionally speaking I have always been Sharon. Sharon is your Ms. Organized-ProjectManager-WhoKnowsHerShit-And-IsAlwaysRight kinda person and I think she is amazeballs! I have always taken a quiet pride in being this person. However to my family, I have always been Shyamni. Now of what I remember of Shyamni is that she used to be this bubbly, dressed in candy pink dresses, slightly hoity-toity and everyone’s favorite kinda girl. I’m not exactly sure what happened to Shyamni but all I know that I haven’t seen her around in long while. Actually perhaps its just taken me a long time to realize that Shyamni is lost. I also probably missed all the obvious signs..especially since when my family had started calling me Sharon.

It must have been all mounting up for a long time but it blew up in my face last year when I was traveling through South America in Peru. I was traveling with a very good friend and her boyfriend but for reasons known to us, we split up halfway through the trip to do our own things. I spent a couple of fabulous days on the Rios Amazon with a crowd called Otorongo Expeditions and it was somewhere in between my minimalist cabin and their fantastic ‘hammock room’ that it hit me right between the eyes.  Over the last many years, my professional life has so taken over my life that who I am as a person has slowly fazed away. I am defined by and only by my career. Friends, relationships, small things that make a person content were all things that have slipped away. And I think it was at that moment, I decided that it was finally time to find me. I have no regrets for the decisions I have made in life and some of the things that I have forgone for my career.

However like it takes both the twins to be a Gemini, I cannot just be defined by Sharon alone. In order to be me, I must find Shyamni again. Its time for me to finally be bold enough and live my dreams. Its time to move.

And I’m moving to Istanbul, Turkey.

4 thoughts on “Where is Shyamni?

  1. Bula from Viti! For as long as I’ve known you, despite only ever calling you Sharon, I reckon bits of Shyamni have always peeked out. I don’t think she’s completely lost but I’m sure this journey will definitely help you revive her fully. Wishing you all the very best 🙂


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