What’s in a Necklace?

You will notice the cover picture for the very first post on this blog is a shot of my neck with my Moari necklace.

I had bought it couple of years ago in Rotorua in New Zealand. It wasn’t a causal purchase. I had spent a considerable amount of time in jade shops on that trip and it was nearing the end of the trip when I found the perfect one. I had chosen a Koru design. The Koru symbolizes new life and growth as in an unfurling fern leave (apparently the Air NZ logo is a watered version of the Koru – things you find from the wiki-pedia! (which in my opinion a perfectly fine source of information, just as long as you double check it!)

The necklace sort of became my traveling talisman and you’ve probably see me wearing it in all my travel albums. Recently I’ve had it on everyday. Somehow I found it comforting to have it resting on my skin and its cool presence always felt there was just someone close looking after my heart. Whenever something went wrong, my hand would automatically reach out for the pendant.

The thing is….it broke 2 days ago. In my hands. I was reading something on the computer and had one had hand on my pendant gently running my thumb over it and the other on the mouse pad when it just snapped into 2! I am not overly superstitious but when something of that significance breaks, you know its not a good sign. And I’m a big believer of signs.

After tossing and turning in bed that night, I decided to google at 3.00am in the morning to check if there was a significance of this in the Moari culture (because if I were to apply my Indian side to the meaning it breaking – it’d just mean I am plain fucked!). Now I am not sure how reliable this jewelry company is with their information but this is what I found on the pages of Gems in the Rough: –

4. If a Pounamu breaks, then do not be upset. Where a carving breaks into two pieces, it is believed to be a sign that:

 You were not meant to be the owner of that particular piece;

 Your personality changed in a way that you are either to strong a person for that design, or you no longer require its power or protection; or

 You have undergone another spiritual or life change and the spirit of the carving has moved on.

The broken pieces may however, be re-carved and given back to the original owner in a different design with other powers.

And dear Reader, that is that – what you choose to take out of this post is on you.


One thought on “What’s in a Necklace?

  1. I love ‘the signs’! So positive! 🙂 Are you planning on getting a new talisman? Maybe one from around where youse is at the mo? A bejewelled hookah pipe? :p But on second thoughts, that would be too distracting, carrying that on your person at all times *facepalm


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