A Day in Vienna

I have forgotten how to say thank you & excuse me. I mean I haven’t forgotten my manners but my brain has switched to Turkish and I keep saying sağol and pardon to everyone! I am writing this post after my Budapest leg. In hindsight, I must admit I didn’t give Vienna the time it deserved and also very naively thought that Budapest would be on par with Vienna. Certainly, it is not.

Prior to starting this Europe trip, I had to set some ground rules for myself. Number one was budget, budget, budget! I had to establish that my budget could only cover Central European countries and I possibly only could do 4 countries. Secondly, I wasn’t going to go all ninja-travelling (as I usually do) and try and cover all the places the guidebooks had written about. Motto is go slow, linger and drink the wine (because its cheap and the last 4 months have been pretty dry!)

Motto is go slow, linger and drink the wine…

I got a hostel very close to the Westbahnhof station which was great because trains to Vienna depart from there. The hostel was actually a real school hostel which was closed for holidays so they let it out tourists! I found it very hospital-like. I started my day with St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the surrounding area and finished with the Ringstraße train-ride (7 euros) which is short and takes you through the necessary important landmarks. This is a great option if don’t have enough time in Vienna.

Finished the day with some good wine! Next day caught the train from Westbahnhof to Budapest.

 DSC01949 DSC01933 DSC01945 DSC01932 DSC01956 DSC01955 DSC01957 DSC01959 DSC01963 DSC01964

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