Padmanabhapuram Palace

In my ever continuing love affair with palaces, I stopped at the Padmanabhapuram Palace on my way to Kanyakumari. Here’s what I love about the South. They know the importance of preserving their heritage. The palace is beautifully preserved and walking through it actually allows you to transport back in time and feel the grandeur. You can read here about the history of the palace. Some pictures of the place – I am getting a bit sloppy in writing. Do ask if you want to know what a photo is all about!

The Padamnabhapuram Palace complex has several other interesting features:

  • The Palace is located in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu state but administered by the Government of Kerala state.
  • The clock tower in the palace complex has a 300 year old clock, which still keeps time
  • A big hall now bare, which can accommodate around 1000 guests, and where ceremonial feasts were held, on auspicious occasions.
  • A secret passage, now blocked, through which the king, his immediate family members, and their entourage could escape to another palace, located several kilometers away in the event of any emergency. Name of this palace is Charottu kottaram.
  • A flight of steps leads to a bathing pond, which has lost its freshness due to neglect and years of disuse.
  • The Palace complex also has a section of curios and several interesting objects. (source)

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