Kathakali in Kerala

Apart from the coconut by-products, the South’s biggest contribution to Incredible India is its art forms. The minute one thinks of the South part of India, automatically strains of Carnatic music flows through one’s ear from an invisible source!

If you are traveling through Fort Kochi, I strongly recommend stopping by the Kerala Kathakali Centre and picking up a brochure and going to some of their programmes on for that week. I went to their morning raga mediation session which was niceee though I was extremely sleepy because I didn’t get much sleep the night before and their famous Kathakali dance show. Kathakali is traditional storytelling dance form where the story is expressed with facial and hand expressions. Its a highly specialized form and the amount of training and disciple required to learn it doesn’t go unnoticed.

What’s probably worth to see in one of the daily evening shows is the pre-show setup where you can see the artist’s makeup and the stage preparation. The performance is loud and not everybody’s cup of tea but it would be a crime not to see it.

Here are some of pictures of the show I attended. It was 2 1/2 hours and cost RS.250 pp.

DSC03801 DSC03810 DSC03812 DSC03815 DSC03816 DSC03817 DSC03821 DSC03823 DSC03832 DSC03837 DSC03841 DSC03845 DSC03846 DSC03849 DSC03850 DSC03852 DSC03854 DSC03855 DSC03862 DSC03865 DSC03866 DSC03867 DSC03876 DSC03886 DSC03888 DSC03894 DSC03897 DSC03898 DSC03912 DSC03930 DSC03931 DSC03934 DSC03943 DSC03948 DSC03952 DSC03954 DSC03965 DSC03966 DSC03968 DSC03969 DSC03970

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