Spring and Hope

Beats of light fusion music above the hum of chic conversations float to my ears. One look outside the large glass panel and it’s almost as if the leafing trees on the street are sashaying in tune. The afternoon sunlight streaming through the dark decor of timber and brown pleasantly warms the crisp air.  I deeply breathe in the frothy aromas of hot milk and crushed velvety coffee beans; a divinely healing combination that wafts through one a all-will-be-well feeling.

One of the best things I love about Sydney are the boutique cafes tucked in quiet, tree-lined streets of the inner city suburbs. Some are so exquisitely and lovingly arranged that it’s possible for one to tuck in their feet and fall completely off the grid while they sip their coffees. And so here I am, cocooned in Sydney spring time catching up with myself over lattes and carrot cake.I wish that once every four months the earth would stop orbiting and life would just pause for a day. For us all to catch our breaths, check our priorities and refocus. But life is relentless with time. For everything else, life can offer you a second chance but with time, it indeed waits for no woman. So we run. Trying to not let it pass us by. And in our chase to catch it through our fingers, we bend and mould ourselves to the whims of time. We think we’ve kept up but what really happens is that we let go of the important things. We let our priorities slip in the race to keep up with time and by when we realize this, time slips through our hands again. Eventually we let it be. And as we humans do, we get used to it.

And that’s what happened to this blog. This blog was dedicated to finding Shyamni. In the past few months, this blog has been churning out political opinions and a wider view point that perhaps had nothing to do with the pursuit of my other gemini twin. I guess in trying to be part of a large historical period for my country [read about the 2014 Fiji elections here], I let go of the important things (but of course the matter of national pride is counted as ‘important’!). An internationally criticized 8-year military dictatorship was endorsed democratically into parliament by a large margin last week. Professor Wadan Narsey on his blog puts this down to the ‘bread and butter’ issues of the people. However I disagree (not that I’m qualified to disagree with Professor Narsey or anything but #justsaying!). I don’t think the people of Fiji actually voted on any economic reasoning. We just gave up the chase. Time had passed us by and we simply let it be. We got used to the status quo.

So that happened and I would like to extend a gentle apology to Shyamni and many of you who’ve followed me through some pretty awesome places and rough patches since the beginning of this blog for letting it slip. Only a few things have happened this year as opposed to the whirlwind of last year but each of those things have had direction-altering significances. I have seen more contracts (and of every kind) this year than I’ve seen in my entire life. The noun Family has redefined itself a few times this year in my dictionary and I’ve never hated a word as much as I’ve come to hate all grammatical forms of the word ‘marry’! And I am still living out of my suitcase.


Nonetheless it’s spring time and here I am soaking up it’s positive vibes in Sydney, writing up some pretty awesome to-do lists! If you’ve been off the track lately or exhausted by the post elections drama, may I suggest taking rest of the afternoon off for some R&R and for this glorious spring magic to work on you, too (it works!).  Thank you for sticking around and stay tuned, some of them are about to be ticked off pretty soon! x

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