Okay With Not Finishing

2014 seemed like a MasterChef 60-minute cookout challenge episode where everything just went wrong for your favorite contestant. It’s one of those episodes where when told to ‘stop cookinggggg’ you’ve already taken your apron off, ready to do the walk of shame out the doors.

The entire year seemed like one big Mercury Retrograde. Retracing everything that I thought was done and dusted. I attended more funeral services than parties. And I spend more time letting go of things that I promised myself in 2013 that I never will.


This year we missed Christmas morning in our household. So exhausted was I from trying to finish up the corporate year by noon on Christmas eve and then running around like the crazy fucks we become the day before Christmas, shopping as if the world was coming to an end. Because we had to have mint jelly with the lamb kebabs, I dashed through all the supermarkets till 6pm looking for a jar. Only to come home to find that nobody picked up the pineapples and water melons for the Christmas spread which was tradition. In the end neither the mint jelly nor the pineapples mattered because we had all slept past the Christmas morning!

And that’s the problem with New Year’s Eve. It puts too much pressure on you to put things in perspective. With the jolliness of the silly season and FB’s its-been-a-good-year-thanks-for-being-part-of-it widget (app? thing?), to say it’s been a good year instead of saying it’s been a mediocre one. NYEs have too much positive vibes to acknowledge how badly you’ve cocked up your year. Of course NYEs are synonymous for celebrating the positives, the triumphs and the great times of the year and drink away the negatives but for years like 2014, it’s just so much effort to even get up and say ‘ugh’.

So take heart if 2014 hasn’t been good for you either and it’s okay if you don’t feel like getting on the resolutions bandwagon and feeding on the hope that only NYEs can bring. It’s okay to just acknowledge your failures for this year and be okay with it. It’s okay just to be just okay, you know.

So if like me, 2014 left you spurting mid-race and not making it to the end, don’t worry about it. It’s absolutely fine to lie on the couch and just be okay about it. We can get up tomorrow and be positive. We’ll come up with another game plan and start fresh.

For now, we can put up our feet and say fuck you, 2014.

Wishing you a free and happy 2015. ❤

Sharon. x


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