Woo Me, Asia!

Last time I wrote about heading out on the road again, I jinxed it. So this time I made it absolutely bloody sure not so much to even chirr about it till I was well on the way and cruising! Actually I forbade the entire household to speak about it because they could attract negative energies to the trip.

If you remember, Suruj and I made deal? That I come back home for 6 months and then I could go back to my grand trip (I am very savvy BTW. That’s just how good she is in guilt trips and I fall for it every time). Well those 6 months easily turned into a year. There were many itineraries made, few tickets booked even visas approved but things just didn’t work out in the last minute. Mostly work-related. Don’t regret it at all. When I crossed to teaching, at the back of my conscious I was always worried if that one-year career break would affect on my construction profession. It, in fact added to it. Last year was a game-changer at work and that one year off, gave me so much perspective that I even surprised myself at how I handled some things. (*pats herself on the back*). I guess, Universe knows better 🙂

Getting my shots for the trip!

But now that it’s been a little over a week since I’m chilling out here in Cambodia, I think it’s okay to put pen to paper about this trip! To be honest, Asia has never really attracted me especially Southeast Asia. One; it’s so on the backpacker circuit and two; if you’ve been to Chinatown in Bankstown, Sydney you’ve pretty much been there. (And that’s how narrow-minded I can be sometimes!) Actually there was a time I thought all Asians were Chinese. It wasn’t till I moved to university as an international student when I came to appreciate the different regions, the foods and really notice the physical difference between different Asian ethnicities. Thanks to some very wonderful friends and their training over the years, I now know my Asians! (No disrespect intended of course)

As usual in my life, nothing eventuates without a bit of natak (drama). Passport had less than 6 months on it. A rushed day trip to Suva and same-day processing fee took care of that. Then all my shots were overdue so another trip to the doctor. $430 dollars later, I am pretty much pumped up with all the vaccines except the Malaria tablets which is where I put my foot down. At $565.00 pops per month..ummm..I think I’ll just get the malaria! My yellow vaccine book has now become another prized possession. So if I haven’t returned your calls or didn’t meet up as planned earlier this month, I was up to this.

I think it was a sign. For the first time in Fiji I went to a different travel agent. He was Korean. When I walked in, he was sitting at his desk cutting his nails and I am so glad I don’t get turned off by things like that anymore. Because I am simply in love with him. A travel agent who knows his shit deserves nothing less than my undivided love! He made me do another trip to Suva to get a visa, which I am grateful he did because I will be needing it shortly.

But apart from a to and return ticket, it’s all up in the air. I have decided to do all my other visa runs in consulates in cities I am in as I go. My bag less than 15 kilos, my hair is unkempt, my bottle of Eno on hand and I am ready for the road less travelled.

 Woo me, Asia. Let’s go!


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