Day Two


That first session back is always the hardest. No matter how many times you promise yourself that this time I won’t quit the gym, something always happens to make you fall off the wagon. Purists would say you don’t have what it takes but I’d ask back if life has ever happened to them. The life coaches would probably say you need to stop blaming life and start taking responsibility of your own actions but I’d ask back how does one keep finding the strength to fight a universe. Suruj would say but you still have to anyway and I’d say back, yes ok ma.

Dear Reader, I’ve been trying for weeks to write the perfect comeback post on this blog after a 9-month hiatus. One with enough warmth, compassion and humour for you to excuse this absence of mine. But this afternoon, I’ve decided I’m not. I’m just going to slip back into your lives like that arsehole at your workplace who disappears during the most crucial part of your monthly meetings or is nowhere to be found to have your back in the middle of a you-against-three in a office showdown. But no matter how pissed off you are at them when they come strutting back into your work pod, you shrug it off and let it go. By the time Friday afternoon drinks rolls in you’ve even forgotten all about it.

Years ago, I used to avidly read someone who blogged under the pseudonym, Samosa. She had a huge following but nobody really knew who she was. Her readers were then somewhat like Lily Singh‘s #teamsuper these days – just more posh. She never told us her true identity, social media links weren’t a thing back then but we all knew details of her life as if it were our own skin. Then one day, Samosa stopped writing. She told us she was getting married and that was that. Like many others, I went back to her website every week for a long time hoping that she might have written just something. But she never did and eventually took her website down. I had read Samosa faithfully every single week for 5 years and till this day, I’ve never gotten closure on what might have happened to her story.

But I’m not letting that happen to us. I’m strutting right back into your sphere, Dear Reader and you’re going to shrug it off and let me back in.

Just like the 2nd day back at gym, you’d have long forgotten that we were even away.

Shyamni. x

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