FD4E0A8F-EDB9-41DE-ACF6-64006099541AOn the southern tip of India sits a temple
with a blue door on it’s eastern wall always locked.
Green murky waters of the 3 seas crashing ferociously outside; as if trying to touch the feet of Devi Kanyakumari.


Years ago I sat outside that door at the end of an exhausting journey thinking how unjust. Shouldn’t doors of temples always be open?


Today reading a travel piece on Cape Comorin, I was startled to see it mention the blue door. It is said that the goddess inside the temple adorns a nose stud with diamonds & rubies – so bright it’s shimmer that it leads ships astray. Sailors go off course mistaking it for flashes from the lighthouse. Hence apart from a few times a year, the door is kept shut.


I reflect in quiet wonder. Perhaps the divine works in ways we’ll never work out. Maybe a closed door isn’t to keep us out. Maybe it’s to keep us from going astray in life.



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