I smile into your minty lips
Breathe in your shampooed hair
And wonder what if we had met in a time
when there were no toothbrushes?


Look at us perched on plastic stools
Little plates of fusion food costing more than
my weekly grocery bill strewed in-between us
Scrolling our gadgets setting meetings for week after.
I wonder where would we have met then –
under some mango trees in the backfields, maybe?


We pay our separate parking tickets
and walk to our cars
discussing interest rates on our credit cards.
I wonder how would you have come to see me then –
on a bicycle maybe?


I wonder if we would have spent our days just
sitting next to each other talking in silence.
And at some point when I’d doze off on your lap,
you’d cover my toes because you’d just know
they’re always cold?



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