To The Children of The Girmityas

When your great-grandparents
had lived in coolie lines and
your grandparents lived on leased lands that
were taken away after a lifetime of toil on that soil.
You can’t blame your parents if they didn’t
exactly get the concept of home right.


I’ve watched my parents build their house from nothing.
I’ve seen many kinds of people on their own journeys
pass through their half-built lives
taking things they had just finished painting.
I’ve seen my parents struggle their whole lives
trying to just complete their house.


And I think it’s time my generation understood
that this is all that your parents are capable of.
That there is nothing more they can give to you.


And that whatever it is you are trying to ask of them
trying to heal yourself from, trying to get the answers of
You might need to carry those in your pockets for sometime more till you start building a house of your own.



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