A construction project manager by profession and according to my 2006 10-year career plan, currently I am meant to be working for a top-tier international construction company on billion dollar projects jetting from one city to another, have a mortgage-free ocean view apartment somewhere too amazing and have a designer wardrobe. However at the present moment I am semi-broke with my entire possessions in a bag weighing under 23kg, traveling and teaching English in the Central Asia region. I don’t have an ocean-view apartment and at this stage it looks like I will have to leave that off for another lifetime. This blog is a collection of my travel and life experiences.

All opinions expressed are purely mine.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Sharon, I’ve been hop-skip-jumping across your blog and loving everything I’ve read so far 🙂
    Your current plan seems a LOT better than your 10year plan..I’m not sure I’d like reading a blog about billion dollar construction projects.This blog- I like lots 🙂
    Oh and I just gave you a Leibster award. It’s more a neighborly thing to do than an actual award..but for what it’s worth- it’s me telling the world you’re a blogger to watch out for:)


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