2. Comfort

2. /Comfort/ Plaza Major, Madrid Dear Reader I'm sure there's been someone out there whose done the numbers and written a thesis and has a proper academic backing to prove that the level of your comfort has a direct relationship to your life learnings! After all almost every 4th other motivational video you'll watch today,... Continue Reading →


1. Find

  1.  /Find/ LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal Dear Reader  It’s been a while since I’ve hit the road. 2 years and 4 months actually. One day a few months ago, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my stomach just sunk. My eyes - they possibly couldn’t have been mine. There... Continue Reading →


Growing up I couldn’t wait to be of an age when I would be all ‘grown-up’ and sorted. The age when my clothes were perfectly co-ordinated (think silk blouses and white pants), my hands elegant with a perfect watch & jewellery combination and just like in Sex and The City, I’d also have a cohort... Continue Reading →


"Live a little.." I mutter to myself before shoving the sloppy burger into my mouth, licking the run sauce off my wrist followed by a handful of chips. It's 11.40pm on a Sunday night and I'm eating inside a car, parked outside in the garage. "Live a little" - I'm told a lot. By exasperated siblings,... Continue Reading →

Coconutty Questions

It’s soothing to be in this space again. Actually I’ve never perceived this as a ‘space’ before. Like how you don’t realize you’ve been missing somebody till you see them again? I suppose like that I’ve never thought much about when I write on my blogs. Sitting here now in the early hours of the... Continue Reading →


My silent, forever observant heart has been a little rattled lately. It's scared in a way I have never known it to be. Startling at the slightest bang of furniture, locking doors of keys I never bothered before. I'm getting old I've been told. I gracefully accepted that. Even when the snotty young girl at... Continue Reading →


I am on the home stretch to my big three-O and it feels like time is double-hurling itself to some finish line. The ending of your 20's decade is such an overwritten post especially by us single female bloggers that I thought to miss this one out. After all I am throughly familiar with the... Continue Reading →

Too Late for an Ageing Closet Romantic

I am an addict. A romance novel junkie. And nothing 'fixes' me up better than a Mills & Boon trashy paperback. I am also a sucker for rom-com movies. There's something about "Sweet Home Alabama" that's had me watch it like 50 times without being bored. And my love for all things Bollywood, from Khuddar's... Continue Reading →

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