I miss the days. When cupcakes were just vanilla sponges with icing. Sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.   I miss the days. When I wore fake gold bangles and played pretend in our building’s abandoned stairwell for hours.   I miss the days. When I would go to sleep in Prague and wake up in Zurich.   When cupcakes could heal, gold was kept for … Continue reading 5/24


Sitting in front of an unopened shop in Shazhou market. The cold stairs gives some salve to my buttocks’ spasming muscles. I think of Pluto. Maybe I’m from Pluto.   Scraping its foil between my teeth, I savour last of the choco-pies (original) I found earlier. Maybe declaring it a non-planet cut its transmissions to earth? What if they are still looking for me?   … Continue reading 3/24


8.35 a.m. I wedge between an armpit and a belly just as the metal doors slide shut. There’s a collective let go of sucked breaths and the gaps between bodies close in. Snug, dazed, slithering in each other’s fluids. Infused with burnt rubber, morning breaths, unwashed hair and hastily splashed colognes. A tin of human sardines moving at 110km/hr. Digging into the plush soles of … Continue reading 1/24

Those You Love, Don’t Define Who You Are

I finally figured out how to loop the digital radio through the lounge speakers yesterday. A rather smooth unplugged version of 90’s “ghar se nikalte hi” is streaming through this early Sunday morning. There’s a slight autumn chill in the air but the sun streaming through these huge overhead windows over the lounge is beautifully toasting everything including my cold toes. It’s been a long … Continue reading Those You Love, Don’t Define Who You Are

To the Single Woman Busy Making Her Story Count

You know how sometimes you watch something on television or listen to on the radio and that moment gets etched in your memory forever? I’ll never forget Indra Nooyi in an interview with David Bradley some years ago when he asked her whether women can “have it all”. I remember slumping back in my chair, the wind knocked out of me when she replied, “I … Continue reading To the Single Woman Busy Making Her Story Count

9. Stuck

9. /Stuck/ Florence, Italy One cannot be anything but be in gratitude to wake up on a cool, cloudy Sunday morning in Florence, Italy. To spend the morning lingering through the open air markets in San Lorenzo, drinking coffee and eating fresh pizza slices. To walk around the Piazza del Duomo in slight drizzle under your umbrella observing the romanesque, gothic and renaissance influences in … Continue reading 9. Stuck