Overcomplicating Cupcakes

I daintily worked through the pretty pink cupcake I was eating, trying to be careful to not click my fork on the plate (etiquette class 101 - thanks aunty Kas!). It's a hard task though trying to eat a cupcake these days especially when all you want is a sugar fix with your caffeine hit... Continue Reading →


Spring and Hope

Beats of light fusion music above the hum of chic conversations float to my ears. One look outside the large glass panel and it's almost as if the leafing trees on the street are sashaying in tune. The afternoon sunlight streaming through the dark decor of timber and brown pleasantly warms the crisp air.  I... Continue Reading →

Even When It Is Not Your Fault

Remember last week's mini-adventures - The scoring of a really cheap flight, the perfect weather, the spontaneous road trip down the south coast of NSW? Well it wasn't all that marvelous. Somewhere in between the chocolate topped ice-creams and the craggy cliffs and the salty sea spray, we had an accident. We were easily flowing... Continue Reading →

That In-Between Phase

I caught myself yesterday out on the driveway, splashing in a puddle left from the afternoon showers. I don't know how long I had been horsing around for but I found myself really engrossed in trying to make my flip flops float in an inch of water! I've been bit dozy lately. Actually a lot.... Continue Reading →

Seven Phases of a Relocation

I've always been a bit of a mover. It's difficult for me to live in a predictable surrounding for an extended period of time. While to many familiarity is a comfort, I tend to start feeling suffocated if the status quo doesn't change on regular basis. Three to four times a year, I re-arrange my... Continue Reading →

The Mighty Pen is Over and Out

Last week my youngest sibling moved away from home for university (college for you, Americans!). How long he's away for...purely depends on if he's able to score that 5% more on the mandatory 50% in his first semester. <insert evil laugh which only older siblings can do> Anyway so he'll be away for some 3-4... Continue Reading →

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