A Cowbell-Tinkling Village in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland wasn't on the itinerary. Actually it has never even been on 'the list'.  So how did I end up on a sleeper train from Prague to Zurich? I put the blame on Google. So since we all heard my self-diagnois of a travel burnout (of courseee, its a serious problem!) I googled 'quiet villages... Continue Reading →


A Piece of Prague

Around 2.00 am, exactly 4 and 1/2 hours before my train to Košice, Slovakia, my heart started doing these crazy palpitations. I sat up and tried to gulp big mouthfuls of air then take slow, deep breaths. I know all too well by now what was happening. I was having another panic attack and the only... Continue Reading →

Budapest; not so charming.

Budapest exhausted me. Not exactly from the sightseeing and playing tourist but more emotionally. While it’s a beautiful city, no doubt, the travel brochures and guides skilfully hide what a sad, depleting city it is. If you are planning to visit Budapest sometime in the near future, may I suggest skipping this post, as I... Continue Reading →

A Day in Vienna

I have forgotten how to say thank you & excuse me. I mean I haven't forgotten my manners but my brain has switched to Turkish and I keep saying sağol and pardon to everyone! I am writing this post after my Budapest leg. In hindsight, I must admit I didn’t give Vienna the time it deserved and... Continue Reading →

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