Thori Si Purani Dilli (‘lil bit of old Delhi)

On the last day of my 2-month stint in India, instead of just wasting it sipping tea, browsing in Anokhi (buying things that would absolutely look out of place anywhere else in the world!), I decided it was finally time to visit the old town of Delhi. It is a bit surprising that I hadn’t done this before considering I was in Delhi for 2 … Continue reading Thori Si Purani Dilli (‘lil bit of old Delhi)

From Fort Kochi With Love

There is a no greater pleasure for a traveller to find a popular tourist destination deserted of other tourists. I arrived in Kochi from Alleppey on a local KRSTC bus. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Cosy Regency in Alleppey who helped me with precise directions to Fort Kochi and I got there in just under 2 hours. The rickshaw driver promptly took me to … Continue reading From Fort Kochi With Love

Kathakali in Kerala

Apart from the coconut by-products, the South’s biggest contribution to Incredible India is its art forms. The minute one thinks of the South part of India, automatically strains of Carnatic music flows through one’s ear from an invisible source! If you are traveling through Fort Kochi, I strongly recommend stopping by the Kerala Kathakali Centre and picking up a brochure and going to some of their programmes … Continue reading Kathakali in Kerala

Padmanabhapuram Palace

In my ever continuing love affair with palaces, I stopped at the Padmanabhapuram Palace on my way to Kanyakumari. Here’s what I love about the South. They know the importance of preserving their heritage. The palace is beautifully preserved and walking through it actually allows you to transport back in time and feel the grandeur. You can read here about the history of the palace. Some pictures … Continue reading Padmanabhapuram Palace

At the End of the Road

I sulkily stared out the back window of the air-conditioned car I had hired for the day to Kanyakumari from Kovalam. Because it was a day trip and I wanted to visit the Padmanabhapuram Palace on the way as well, taking public transport was unfeasible time-wise. I was disappointed at how uneventful that leg of the journey was. I mean I was on my way to … Continue reading At the End of the Road

Ganges – By any other name, It’d be just a River.

River Ganges or Ganga Ji (Not just Ganga, as I was corrected by a stall-wala in Haridwar!) is just not a river. For Hindus, a dip in its waters is on a supreme level. For many it is their ultimate bucket list goal; To bathe in Ganges. Ignoring the millions of people who actually live on the Ganges banks, it is believed by the Hindus … Continue reading Ganges – By any other name, It’d be just a River.