Teşekkürler, Turkey

In my run around for the Schengen, I feel Turkey got cheated out of a proper goodbye and a grateful one at that. Living and working in Istanbul was everything and more than I had expected. It's one of those experiences that you keep slightly hidden at the back of your cupboard with your best... Continue Reading →


Sema in Konya

One of my absolute favorite qaawalis is Khawaja Mere Khawaja composed by AR Rahman. It's one of those songs I listen to every time I falter. The song was picturised in a bollywood movie, Jodhaa Akbar. You could put it down to acting but it was one of those pieces that bollywood got just right.... Continue Reading →

In Gnome Land – Göreme, Cappadocia

If you've grown up reading Enid Blyton, then you know what a gnome is. Moreover you'd also know what pixies are, where the Enchanted Forest is and when to watch out for Dame Washlot's tub water. Göreme in Cappodacia looks like a land that might have stopped on top of the Faraway Tree for a week... Continue Reading →

Pamukkale at the Right Time

Sometimes when you really really look forward to visiting some place, you tend to expect much more from the place than what it really  is. That's what happened at Pamukkale. Ever since I have come to Turkey, all I could think of was visiting Pamukkale so imagine my disappointment when I get off the bus... Continue Reading →

Old Istanbul

I have been spending my days off for the past couple of weeks in Sultanahmet and its surrounds which is the older part of the Istanbul city. Aya Sofia The Aya Sofia used to be a beautiful Basilica church that was converted and reconverted over time. I can't believe that restoration works to this place only... Continue Reading →

Merhaba Istanbul!

Merhaba from Istanbul! Because the last 4 days (only 4!) has been a whirlwind, it is impossible to write about the range of feelings and things that have happened. I believe once I have settled in - I will be able to deconstruct it all piece by piece. In tiny snippets, Istanbul so far  -... Continue Reading →

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