Something You Should Know Before You Go Travel The World

This tenant was supposed to move out last Monday. Having not heard from him by 3pm, I dropped by to 'just see how he was going'. He was going alright. There was a fully loaded 2 ton truck sitting on the driveway. He asked if he could handover the keys the next day as he... Continue Reading →



It was either Technical Drawing or Home Economics. I chose Technical Drawing and like most things in high school, I sucked at it. My lines were wobbly, my text never straight and my circles despite the sharp Staedtler compass set never perfect. When we were past drawing squares and circles, we came to a unit... Continue Reading →

What I Forgot About Traveling

I've been hogging the same spot in this cafe every afternoon for the past three days. Overlooking the dark waters of Borsola Beel with the afternoon sun streaming in, sipping some very passable cappuccinos and Assam tea. I absently watch the hip and urban of Guwahati stream in and out to the beat of some really good... Continue Reading →

Simply, Siem Reap

"Lady, you live in village..." said the tuk tuk driver while turning another corner as directed. You know I'm in my hood when taxi drivers ask me for directions and Siem Reap and I, have acquainted pretty well in this past one week. He wasn't wrong. Far from the infamous Pub Street, in the middle... Continue Reading →

Woo Me, Asia!

Last time I wrote about heading out on the road again, I jinxed it. So this time I made it absolutely bloody sure not so much to even chirr about it till I was well on the way and cruising! Actually I forbade the entire household to speak about it because they could attract negative... Continue Reading →

6 Months Later

I got an email from a friend yesterday whose also a regular reader on my blog and she very cleverly wrote 'Long time no hear - so where is Shyamni these days?" Of course she meant which part of the world I was in but I thought of my initial post. And I realized that I... Continue Reading →

At the End of the Road

I sulkily stared out the back window of the air-conditioned car I had hired for the day to Kanyakumari from Kovalam. Because it was a day trip and I wanted to visit the Padmanabhapuram Palace on the way as well, taking public transport was unfeasible time-wise. I was disappointed at how uneventful that leg of the... Continue Reading →

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