Namaste Delhi

It’s been almost 10 years since I was here last.  And we both have changed. As I got out of the plane, I braced myself for that all familiar smell of paan and urine, one of the first things that hits you in India. But there was none! If the signs didn’t say ‘Welcome to... Continue Reading →


The One-Night Option

I am writing this on yet another over-night train journey and the fact that there is a Brazilian couple on the top bunks above me whispering playful whatevers to each doesn’t actually help writing this post! When you’ve been on the road for the past 4 months and in a steady relationship with your work... Continue Reading →

Teşekkürler, Turkey

In my run around for the Schengen, I feel Turkey got cheated out of a proper goodbye and a grateful one at that. Living and working in Istanbul was everything and more than I had expected. It's one of those experiences that you keep slightly hidden at the back of your cupboard with your best... Continue Reading →

That M Issue of a Traveller

Beginning of last year when I knew that I was ready for a change, I didn't really know what it was that I wanted to do. I was pretty well traveled at that time so traveling itself wasn't like an option that popped out immediately. It took me a good 6 months to think, analyze... Continue Reading →

A place called Uluru

While growing up, regular visitors from Australia ensured that at least one item in the touristy souvenirs brought over as presents to our house had a graphic of Uluru in the background (think - 80's style table clothes, wall hangers, pens and those snow-flakes in water thingys!). It's of course, also known as Ayers Rock... Continue Reading →

Merhaba Istanbul!

Merhaba from Istanbul! Because the last 4 days (only 4!) has been a whirlwind, it is impossible to write about the range of feelings and things that have happened. I believe once I have settled in - I will be able to deconstruct it all piece by piece. In tiny snippets, Istanbul so far  -... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Kuala Lumpur

10 minutes after disembarking from my supposedly 8 and 1/2 hour flight (which the wonderful Emirates aircraft made in 7.05 hours), question that pops into my brain is "Dudeee..where are the Malaysians??"  I kid you not but every second face I saw was someone from the Indian subcontinent. It wasn't till the evening on my... Continue Reading →

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