The One-Night Option

I am writing this on yet another over-night train journey and the fact that there is a Brazilian couple on the top bunks above me whispering playful whatevers to each doesn’t actually help writing this post! When you’ve been on the road for the past 4 months and in a steady relationship with your work prior to leaving for the trip, its no smart science … Continue reading The One-Night Option

Budapest; not so charming.

Budapest exhausted me. Not exactly from the sightseeing and playing tourist but more emotionally. While it’s a beautiful city, no doubt, the travel brochures and guides skilfully hide what a sad, depleting city it is. If you are planning to visit Budapest sometime in the near future, may I suggest skipping this post, as I don’t want to bias your trip. Buda & Pest were … Continue reading Budapest; not so charming.