14th December 2020 | Dear Anand

14th December 2020 Dear Anand I’m traveling for work at the moment. Today I had breakfast at a place overlooking a busy intersection of the city I’m staying in. The light rail, the bicycle track, the drive lanes all in perfect crisscross synergy taking commuters to their destinations. The morning light weaving through the buildings frequently getting caught on shinny surfaces; the bell of a … Continue reading 14th December 2020 | Dear Anand


He had a knack for breaking things. She rocked on the toilet floor with trembling hands Trying to tape the smashed pieces of her mix cassette together.   She inserted it into her walkman and tried to press play. Didn’t work. She took a knife and tightened the screws And tried again. Her body sagged in relief, she finally sobbed into her chest.   Born … Continue reading 9/24


Things to Give To Your Sister’s Daughter. A sewing machine. Every woman should be able to tailor her own dresses. Not many things in life bring you peace and magic.   3 meters of ivory silk with navy doves. For her to sew a dress with; to wear on days when all is falling apart. To remind her that angels do exist.   And a … Continue reading 6/24