False Friends

As an on-off English teacher, occasionally in a pre-intermediate class I'd hand out a "False Friends' worksheet. False friends are words or phrases in two languages or dialects that look or sound similar but differ significantly in meaning. It usually ends up being a ridiculously fun task and it is one of the few grammar classes that sticks... Continue Reading →


Teşekkürler, Turkey

In my run around for the Schengen, I feel Turkey got cheated out of a proper goodbye and a grateful one at that. Living and working in Istanbul was everything and more than I had expected. It's one of those experiences that you keep slightly hidden at the back of your cupboard with your best... Continue Reading →

The Temporary English Teacher

As I was walking to school today, I had to walk around some huge pallets of blocks that someone had offloaded right in the middle of the lane. Ohhh...the smell of cement! Nostalgia crept up with its 5 billion arms and tightly wrapped around me. The smell of concrete happens to be one of my... Continue Reading →

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