This week it was in the middle of a meeting when it snuck up on me. Somewhere in between the variance tab and the actual spend and the budget columns, the word “Forecast” rolled off someone’s tongue right into the pit of my stomach. If there ever is a word I absolutely detest, it is ‘forecast’. I even hate the shop named Forecast ‘cause nothing … Continue reading Forecast


8.35 a.m. I wedge between an armpit and a belly just as the metal doors slide shut. There’s a collective let go of sucked breaths and the gaps between bodies close in. Snug, dazed, slithering in each other’s fluids. Infused with burnt rubber, morning breaths, unwashed hair and hastily splashed colognes. A tin of human sardines moving at 110km/hr. Digging into the plush soles of … Continue reading 1/24