13th February 2021 | Dear Anand

13th February 2021 Dear Anand, I am often accused of misandry which I find rather paradoxical considering the number of times in a week I tell myself to “man up”. In many cities across Australia, in small remote bush towns and even further in the outback, one can find a small place called the Men’s Shed. While their garage (the millennial equivalent of a man-cave) … Continue reading 13th February 2021 | Dear Anand

Dear Anand | 13th November 2020

13th November 2020 Dear Anand, Happy Diwali. I have a dull throb in my heels this evening as I sit down to write to you. They say as women grow older they start turning into their mothers. I’m about 3000kms away from Suruj this Diwali but I can’t shake her out of me (despite promising myself when I was young that I will never ever … Continue reading Dear Anand | 13th November 2020