31st December 2020 | Dear Anand

31st December 2020 Dear Anand Here we are, at the end of 2020. There was a point three quarters of the way when it seemed neither of us would swim out of the murky waters swirling us in. But we both made it out. Perhaps freer. This week I’ve been reflecting on the year past. I read with quiet fascination as people around the world … Continue reading 31st December 2020 | Dear Anand

Okay With Not Finishing

2014 seemed like a MasterChef 60-minute cookout challenge episode where everything just went wrong for your favorite contestant. It’s one of those episodes where when told to ‘stop cookinggggg’ you’ve already taken your apron off, ready to do the walk of shame out the doors. The entire year seemed like one big Mercury Retrograde. Retracing everything that I thought was done and dusted. I attended more … Continue reading Okay With Not Finishing