How To Kill Your Daughter? A feather a night while she sleeps. You pluck her wings with a knife. One by one so she doesn’t feel a twinge.   When at last you’ve scrapped her skin raw. You sit her down at the dinner table. And tell her she’s now free to fly.   Again she’ll ask her; maaye ni meriye…Chamba kitni durr? You smile … Continue reading 4/24

Waiting on the Rains in Kathmandu

I was wrong about 3 things. That Kathmandu was a hilly city on the mountains. It’s in a valley. Kathmandu Valley. Mostly flat, surrounded by snowy mountain peaks. That Nepal and India were the same-same. A bit like saying an Indo descent from Trinidad is the same as an Indian from the motherland. Of course, it’s not the same thing. They don’t do baigan surwa in … Continue reading Waiting on the Rains in Kathmandu