21st January 2023 | Dear Anand

21st January 2023 Dear Anand, Another year has come. This one came apprehensively, almost hesitant. It hovered at the end of last December as if not really wanting to step over. Not really wanting to carry forward the incomplete affairs, the scattered unsaid words and the consuming grief of the passing year. But on the eve of the Thirty First it couldn’t defy the one … Continue reading 21st January 2023 | Dear Anand

6th March 2022 | Dear Anand

6th March 2022 Dear Anand, It’s been raining for 2 weeks now. It has been one of the wettest years since 1900. The kind of rain that brings endings. Early morning today when the skies took a pause to sigh, I slipped out onto the inner streets weaving through the neighbourhood; passing by rows and rows of houses slowly waking up, the last rain drops … Continue reading 6th March 2022 | Dear Anand

15th August 2021 | Dear Anand

15th August 2021 Dear Anand, Sabr. Of which Shams-i Tabrizi and Rumi’s exchanges speak of not sitting and waiting but foreseeing. Knowing that the moon needs time to become full. Sabr. Of which Gibran questions the greatness of his endurance in separation; in her parting words to him “earthly bodies must often separate for earthly purpose, And must live apart impelled by worldly intent…” Sabr. … Continue reading 15th August 2021 | Dear Anand

4th April 2021 | Dear Anand

4th April 2021 Dear Anand, There is a little chill in the air these days. It’s Easter Sunday. I’ve managed to find one lone open coffee shop after gym today. I’m sitting outside writing to you while leaves in all shades of golden, orange, brown rustle past my ankles down the street in the soft breeze this morning. Javed Akhtar Sahib would describe this as … Continue reading 4th April 2021 | Dear Anand


As if setting your wedding date isn’t a hair-tearing of a mission enough, try adding the Hindu calendar in the mix as well. Apart from ensuring that your fua, Canada aunty, childhood nanny’s daughter and the HMU artist who has 20.1K followers on Instagram can make it, you must also ensure that the Hindu Gods and Goddesses can make it to your wedding too. According … Continue reading Wedding


Every time I get on a long-distance train My inner Simran steps in hope That this is the trip I’d meet the Raj of my dreams.   I’ve ridden through mountains, lakes and deserts Jatin-Lalit on background score (through a USB!) My neck craning a little higher at every second bend.   Seeking. Hoping. Waiting.   And it has taken me my whole life to understand … Continue reading 8/24


Things to Give To Your Sister’s Daughter. A sewing machine. Every woman should be able to tailor her own dresses. Not many things in life bring you peace and magic.   3 meters of ivory silk with navy doves. For her to sew a dress with; to wear on days when all is falling apart. To remind her that angels do exist.   And a … Continue reading 6/24