That In-Between Phase

I caught myself yesterday out on the driveway, splashing in a puddle left from the afternoon showers. I don’t know how long I had been horsing around for but I found myself really engrossed in trying to make my flip flops float in an inch of water! I’ve been bit dozy lately. Actually a lot. Few weeks ago, I wrote what I thought was a … Continue reading That In-Between Phase

Seven Phases of a Relocation

I’ve always been a bit of a mover. It’s difficult for me to live in a predictable surrounding for an extended period of time. While to many familiarity is a comfort, I tend to start feeling suffocated if the status quo doesn’t change on regular basis. Three to four times a year, I re-arrange my apartment. It’s not a pre-determined thing. It comes on all … Continue reading Seven Phases of a Relocation