12th June 2022 | Dear Anand

12th June 2022 Dear Anand, I hope these letters still find you. This month will have been 3 years since I first began writing to you. How are you? Are you looking after you for me? I wonder though who of me you still remember and who of you you still remain? I’m back on the island this week. It’s past one in the morning … Continue reading 12th June 2022 | Dear Anand

5 Reasons Why A Fijian Should Go To Goa

I am sitting in a rooftop terrace garden sipping coffee. The morning breeze cool, gentle. In a distance I can see the St. Sebastian Chapel amid the swaying palms trees. Strains of Alyssa Mendonsa’s soothing Khwabon Ke Parindey fill the air followed by an Enya track. I’m sitting here drinking coffee just how I like it, listening to music I would’ve generally put on my ipod … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why A Fijian Should Go To Goa