"Live a little.." I mutter to myself before shoving the sloppy burger into my mouth, licking the run sauce off my wrist followed by a handful of chips. It's 11.40pm on a Sunday night and I'm eating inside a car, parked outside in the garage. "Live a little" - I'm told a lot. By exasperated siblings,... Continue Reading →


Too Late for an Ageing Closet Romantic

I am an addict. A romance novel junkie. And nothing 'fixes' me up better than a Mills & Boon trashy paperback. I am also a sucker for rom-com movies. There's something about "Sweet Home Alabama" that's had me watch it like 50 times without being bored. And my love for all things Bollywood, from Khuddar's... Continue Reading →

6 Months Later

I got an email from a friend yesterday whose also a regular reader on my blog and she very cleverly wrote 'Long time no hear - so where is Shyamni these days?" Of course she meant which part of the world I was in but I thought of my initial post. And I realized that I... Continue Reading →

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