I absolutely hate vinegar. The smell of it makes me gag. But then Salt & Vinegar is my favourite chips flavour and I practically drink Tabasco sauce (which is like 80% vinegar) by the gallon. I’ve always put it down as a gemini thing but mostly it’s a gawning exception to my publicly declared hate for vinegar! A local Italian joint I frequent in Sydney, … Continue reading Exception


There is no balance between grief and gratitude. No matter what they say about remaining thankful even in difficult times, I’ve found it is sheer impossible to practice any gratitude while your heart is breaking into infinite number of pieces. So let’s just stop kidding ourselves and let your grief consume you. Lie in your grief as long as you have to. Lie in that … Continue reading 20/24


“Live a little..” I mutter to myself before shoving the sloppy burger into my mouth, licking the run sauce off my wrist followed by a handful of chips. It’s 11.40pm on a Sunday night and I’m eating inside a car, parked outside in the garage. “Live a little” – I’m told a lot. By exasperated siblings, colleagues, students I teach, even my doctor once. I’m a … Continue reading Slip