You know you’re healing when the thought of spending a cool Saturday afternoon alone at your local tapas cafe over a jug of chilled Sangria dreaming of crossing icy borders again fills you with such warmth that your stiff toes curl out in abrupt laughter.   whereisshyamni@gmail.com Connect: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram  Continue reading 13/24


  On the southern tip of India sits a temple with a blue door on it’s eastern wall always locked. Green murky waters of the 3 seas crashing ferociously outside; as if trying to touch the feet of Devi Kanyakumari.   Years ago I sat outside that door at the end of an exhausting journey thinking how unjust. Shouldn’t doors of temples always be open? … Continue reading 10/24

Coconutty Questions

It’s soothing to be in this space again. Actually I’ve never perceived this as a ‘space’ before. Like how you don’t realize you’ve been missing somebody till you see them again? I suppose like that I’ve never thought much about when I write on my blogs. Sitting here now in the early hours of the morning except for humming of the fridge, distant barking of … Continue reading Coconutty Questions

How I Took a Year Off to Breathe…and to Travel!

Unless you’re one of those very few people who actually follow my blog, then the only reason you are here reading this post is because you googled “how to take an year off”. I know it’s Friday afternoon and you have two tray-fulls of paperwork to file away, clean up your work station (yes other people can smell that decomposed apple core on your table!) … Continue reading How I Took a Year Off to Breathe…and to Travel!

The Mighty Pen is Over and Out

Last week my youngest sibling moved away from home for university (college for you, Americans!). How long he’s away for…purely depends on if he’s able to score that 5% more on the mandatory 50% in his first semester. <insert evil laugh which only older siblings can do> Anyway so he’ll be away for some 3-4 years and because it is such a momentous time in … Continue reading The Mighty Pen is Over and Out