Where is Shyamni?

I was traveling through the Amazonian jungle in Peru in 2012 when I first asked myself What happened to Shyamni?

In my late twenties, I was working 50-hour weeks, exhausted all the time, cranky, anti-social; everything unattractive and unhappy. Thus I decided to throw it all away and start living a more conscious life. This blog is a collection of stories from my journey to find Shyamni, The lost half of my gemini twins.

To find her; I have moved continents, lived in foreign places, traveled through whirling dervishes, floated in heaven on earth, bowed in numerous churches and connected with so many people from all walks of life.

And as much as I want this to be only a travel blog branded under ‘quitting my job and traveling the world’, it isn’t. This blog is also about responsibilities. Responsibilities which sometimes can hold the search for Shyamni for long periods of time.

When I am not traveling and finding Shyamni. I usually rant in posts under in-transit.

Being Sharon; Finding Shyamni

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