Both of their eyes were on me. One in a checkered lungi in the front, the other in trousers at the back. Thick thighs, curly hair, bulging eyes, darkest of skins; like apes I always heard them say. It was the first time for all of us. I raised my fingers to my lips, their chests heaved and froze. Velvety warmness coated my tongue. One … Continue reading 2/24

Waking Up on The Back Waters of Alappuzha

Ever dreamt of throwing it all behind, getting on a boat and cruising down a river on a hammock for the rest of your life? I did that. Well…for 24 hours at least. On the backwaters of Kerala. I arrived in Alappuzha (Alleppey) on a 7-hour hair-rising local bus ride from Trivandrum around 8 at night. Wet, stinky and with sore arms. Sore arms from getting a … Continue reading Waking Up on The Back Waters of Alappuzha

My 10 Best Spice-and-Jasmine Infused Memories of Kerala

I walked into my favorite boutique last week and was fervently welcomed by the owner. She’s an elegant lady and her choice collections are the sole reason why I have ever managed to look good at some functions in the past. She was curious where I had disappeared off to. I always knew that she was from India but what I didn’t know was that … Continue reading My 10 Best Spice-and-Jasmine Infused Memories of Kerala

From Fort Kochi With Love

There is a no greater pleasure for a traveller to find a popular tourist destination deserted of other tourists. I arrived in Kochi from Alleppey on a local KRSTC bus. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Cosy Regency in Alleppey who helped me with precise directions to Fort Kochi and I got there in just under 2 hours. The rickshaw driver promptly took me to … Continue reading From Fort Kochi With Love